Palm Beach Island

Palm Beach Island Homes for Sale


The breathtaking island of Palm Beach earned its name from the endless bounty of verdurous palm trees that line its sandy shores. From crystal blue waters, chic restaurants and shops, pristine golf courses, and grandiose homes, Palm Beach might as well be a picture for a postcard.


The island of Palm Beach is approximately 10.4 square miles and home to approximately 8,700 Floridians. Just across the bridge and over the Intracoastal Waterway is the town of West Palm Beach. Find peace and serenity in one of Florida’s most beautiful locales known as Palm Beach Island.


Palm Beach Island Real Estate


Palm Beach Island real estate is some of the most sought after in Florida and all it takes is a stroll down Ocean Blvd to see why. From vacant lots that dream homes can be built upon to enchanting estates waiting to be occupied, Ocean Blvd can be the destination of your dream. Breathtaking views of the island and private beach front property are some of the perks of having an address on Ocean Blvd. For those who like the beach but love the lake more, Lake Way is the perfect place to look for Palm Beach island homes. From Spanish to Plantation style homes, Lake Way has so much for buyers to choose from.


Beautiful Palm Beach Island real estate doesn’t end at those two magnificent streets, though. This area is surrounded by the Intracoastal Waterway and located a stroke away from the Everglades Golf Course. With plenty of Palm Beach island homes for sale, you are bound to find or build your dream home.